Caramelized onion jam recipe balsamic onion jam recipe delivers a sweet rich caramelized goodness with a savory bite this is definitely the type of jam that elevates an ordinary grilled cheese sandwich to something a bit divine and altogether wonderful.

Onion bacon jam is not the traditional flavor of preserves you may be used to but it is definitely worth a try to wake up your tastebuds with a definite onion flavor supported by the saltiness of the bacon onion bacon jam is great on crackers with cheese or even mixed in ground beef for your next meatloaf recipe onion bacon jam.

Bee rsquo s tart with onion jam 1 packet of savory short pastry 4 eggs 2 cups cream 2 cups tasty cheese grated ndash smoked cheese would be amazing 2 handfuls of spinach chopped.

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This cranberry crackle tart is a delicious combination of sweet meringue and tart fresh cranberries on a sweet cookie crust the tart also had a layer of sour cherry jam you can use any jam such as raspberry blackberry or strawberry spread on the sweet pastry crust this helps keep the.

Save the liquid to flavor soups stews rice and pasta dishes you can stop at that point or leave the liquid in and cook for an additional 4 or 5 hours on low with the lid ajar this cooks off most of the extra liquid and gives you even sweeter deeper brown onions mdash almost like onion jam.

14 of 33 stilton sirloin burgers with onion jam 15 of 33 bacon hamburgers with catalina dressing 16 of 33 barbecue glazed turkey burgers 17 of 33 cumin spiced burgers with harissa mayo.

1 frac12 tsp onion powder 4 eggs beaten 4 cups buttermilk 2 onions grated 3 cups pimento cheese 12 tbsp cold butter cut into small dice kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper for serving.

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In a medium skillet over medium heat melt butter add onions and cook stirring often until starting to soften reduce heat to medium low and hellip.