Okonomiyaki o konomi yaki is the ultra popular japanese style savoury pancake aka japanese pizza okonomi translates to ldquo as you like rdquo and yaki to ldquo grilled rdquo giving you ldquo grilled as you like rdquo and as the name indicates you can make these with your favourite filling ad toppings.

Okonomiyaki is the famous japanese savory pancake that is usually cooked at the dining table so you can customize it to your taste my children loved okonomiyaki growing up ndash actually they still love it just as much okonomiyaki is a japanese street food which is very popular among western visitors who often try it for the first time in japan.

Okonomiyaki is sometimes called ldquo japanese savory pancake rdquo or ldquo japanese pizza rdquo but personally i think it rsquo s more like a dish between savory pancake and frittata it rsquo s made with flour eggs tempura scraps tenkasu cabbage and pork belly slices and topped with a variety of condiments like okonomiyaki sauce.

Okonomiyaki is a japanese savory pancake containing a variety of ingredients the name is derived from the word okonomi meaning how you like or what you like or favorite and yaki meaning grill the dish can vary depending upon which region of japan it rsquo s made but it can be found almost anywhere perhaps the most common version is.

Okonomiyaki sauce is brushed over the popular japanese savory pancake okonomiyaki sweet savory packed with umami flavor the sauce is very similar to tonkatsu sauce when i make okonomiyaki at home i often whisk up the sauce quickly to serve with the pancake.

For a fancier take order the 9 marble score wagyu okonomiyaki or a version with lobster tail and prawn there rsquo s even a gluten free option using rice flour each okonomiyaki is large enough to be shared and comes topped with original sweet and tangy okonomiyaki sauce japanese mayonnaise and a generous covering of bonito flakes.

Okonomiyaki is a japanese savoury pancake it differs by region and this authentic recipe is the well known and mouth watering osaka okonomiyaki follow this easy savoury pancake recipe and also make your own okonomiyaki sauce or simply purchase it from a local store a healthy meal with simple vegetarian or vegan options.

Okonomiyaki japanese savoury pancake recipetin japan pork shredded cabbage flour dashi stock eggs egg vegetable oil and 2 more okonomiyaki japanese savoury pancake ridhas treats baking powder salt mayonnaise all hellip.

Okonomiyaki okonomiyaki is a japanese street food from osaka similar to a cabbage based frittata namiko of just one cookbook typically makes hers with an egg batter cabbage and pork belly or bacon it rsquo s topped with a savory okonomiyaki sauce japanese mayonnaise furikake and bonito flakes.

Okonomiyaki is sometimes nicknamed a lsquo japanese pancake rsquo because like a pancake it is prepared on a griddle the savory dish consists of flour eggs cabbage as well as a variety of possible veggies and meats okonomiyaki is most often prepared lsquo kansai style rsquo with the ingredients mixed together and then poured on the grill.

Takoyaki is a very casual fast food in japan it might not be easily found at japanese restaurants in the us or other parts of world even though it is a very popular dish takoyaki tastes a little bit like round shaped okonomiyaki but it has a much different flavor from the tako octopus cooked inside them in most parts of japan people don.

Tonkatsu is all about the sweet tangy sauce often referred to as japanese style barbecue sauce or katsu sauce tonkatsu sauce is super easy to make at home especially if you cant find the popular brand bull dog sauce at your local supermarket.

This is one of the most common and tasty japanese dishes try it in many restaurants izakaya traditional japanese restaurant bar fast food chains and even as a bento box a pre prepared japanese style lunch found in many grocery stores and convenience stores the word yaki means literally ldquo grilled rdquo this dish is prepared by grilling thin slices of pork hellip.

Japanese mayonnaise goes well with many types of food and is used often in a variety of japanese recipes you can use it to make potato salad and egg sandwiches or as a topping for salads okonomiyaki and yakisoba pan i even use it as a secret special ingredient in fried rice tempura and pancakes you will be surprised that won rsquo t taste it.

Okonomiyaki is osakas savory and social japanese pancake kaiseki cuisine japans artful culinary tradition explained origami chopstick holder boat instructions in hellip.

It is of course one of the regular street foods sold at food stands when festivals are on along with yakisoba japanese stir fried noodles and okonomiyaki japanese savoury pancake yakitori is also sold in the food courts of department stores and supermarkets japanese people often buy cooked yakitori for dinner from there.