Yall this baked macaroni and cheese is full of soul that is the first thing that came to mind when i took that first bite usually i rsquo m not that into mac and cheese recipes that involve velveeta but this one hellip yeah this one gets a pass.

Ubiquitous across the south in soul food joints meat and threes and moms kitchen mac and cheese is a surefire guaranteed crowd pleaser its darn hard to resist pasta covered in oodles of creamy cheese and weve got 28 thanksgiving macaroni and cheese recipes to prove it.

Now we all know i have a ton of macaroni and cheese recipes uploaded already but i refer to this one as my soul food macaroni and cheese recipe for several reasons reason number one ndash this is the kind of baked macaroni and cheese you probably had growing up in a soul food household.

Step 1 cook macaroni about 7 minutes step 2 brown meat in largest saucepan and drain off all fat step 3 add garlic chili powder salt and pepper mix well and cook on low about 5 minutes step 4 add cooked macaroni and tomato soup heat thoroughly step 5 just before serving add in the grated cheese cover and heat until cheese melts.