Tonkatsu s su was made specifically to pour over tonkatsu japanese pork schnitzel or other bread crumbed deep fried dishes such as croquettes and prawn cutlets it is the thickest and the sweetest sauce of the three bulldog sauces try tonkatsu s su on korokke japanese potato and ground meat croquettes menchi katsu ground meat cutlet and even hellip.

The next time you get your hands on fresh large shrimp you owe it yourself to try this awesome fried shrimp recipe is beer batter the same as a tempura batter no tempura batter a traditional japanese style batter the type you find in your favorite sushi restaurant is nothing like beer batter.

If you are looking to make chinese takeout menu then this recipe of authentic chinese shrimp fried rice is easy to put together and under 30 mins you will get better than takeout restaurant style shrimp fried rice loaded with shrimp peas carrots and flavorful sauces makes your lunch dinner sorted in no time this shrimp fried rice recipe is the so close hellip.

Kushikatsu is a dish of meat seafood and vegetable skewers dipped in batter flour and bread crumbs and fried in oil it is an osaka specialty centered around osakas shinsekai there are two main types of kushikatsu in osaka the first is your typical dish of familiar ingredients fried and eaten dipped in a thick japanese style worcester based sauce that is hellip.

If you love japanese food but can rsquo t make it to osaka soon enough then it rsquo s time to make some of their specialty dishes at home osaka kushikatsu is one of the citys most famous dishes a delicious deep fried treat like you rsquo ve never seen today a pro will show us how to make kushikatsu from the comfort of our own homes kushikatsu osakas specialty bite sized easy hellip.

What to serve with chinese style stir fried napa cabbage now i rsquo ve always been a fan of eating chinese veggies with a side of shrimp fried rice actually it rsquo s one of my favorite movie night food combinations and you rsquo ll get a lot of love if you put a side of this shrimp stir fry on the table at dinnertime.

A really popular japanese yoshoku japanese fusion recipe omurice is one of my children rsquo s favorite meals the rice is pan fried with ketchup and chicken then wrapped in a thin layer of egg when there is leftover rice it rsquo s a perfect single plate meal to prepare the next day 7 salmon in foil.