Greek salad dressing i love that this greek salad dressing calls for ingredients that you likely keep on hand it rsquo s just some olive oil fresh lemon red wine vinegar garlic and herbs plus a hint of honey to balance the tartness and act as hellip.

Easy greek salad this easy greek salad is made with plum tomatoes cucumbers red onion bell pepper kalamata olives and crumbled feta cheese tossed with a lemon and red wine vinegar vinaigrette dressing its ready for a summer picnic.

Avocado greek salad with a greek salad dressing is a family favourite side salad served with anything a twist on the traditional greek salad loaded up with creamy avocado and a touch of lettuce along with green peppers or capsicum tomatoes cucumbers feta hellip.

Known as horiatiki this traditional greek salad is made with cherry tomatoes cucumber kalamata olives thinly sliced red onion and hellip.

Greek salad dressing is extremely versatile and also a perfect marinade for anything you might want to toss on the grill in summertime ndash veggies chicken fish you name it greek salad dressing recipe video while it rsquo s easy to whip up this recipe it always helps to watch a quick video give it a watch below.

Greek pasta salad all the flavors of classic greek salad in a picnic ready pasta salad weve got kalamata olives tomatoes cucumber and feta cheese all tossed with pasta and a lemony dressing this salad is easy to make ahead and pack up for your next backyard party.

Greek salad dressing is one of my favorites and comes together easily most the ingredients are pantry staples and easy to store make this dressing over and over again finding the perfect salad to use with this was a must most salads with romaine olives tomatoes and feta cheese blend well with this greek dressing.

Greek pasta salad is an easy side perfect to prep ahead and a hit at every party or potluck tender pasta ripe juicy tomatoes crisp cucumbers feta cheese and olives are tossed in a greek dressing for the perfect make ahead side dish.

This greek salad dressing is delicious but quite bold in flavor ndash so when making it for the first time you may want to start with half the amount of oregano and black pepper that is called for in the recipe and then add more to taste if you like print clock icon cutlery icon flag icon folder icon.

Greek orzo salad is perfect to make year round and it goes perfectly with grilled chicken it rsquo s a healthy and filling veggie packed pasta salad and of course if you want to make it even healthier you could go with a whole wheat or high fiber orzo you can also switch up the type of pasta rotini macaroni and tortellini are other great options.

Greek yogurt waldorf salad this spin on the classic waldorf salad uses greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise lemon juice and a couple other additional ingredients to give it a fresh new flavor i rsquo ve turned a real corner in my tastebuds there was a time when i would have told greek yogurt to go take a long hike down a cliff.

When i think of greek food or the most popular greek recipes everyone loves like greek chicken or greek roasted potatoes i cant help but think of one of the fundamental flavor profiles and that is the combination of lemon juice and olive oil and if you ever wanted to add a touch of greek to your favorite foods a great place to start is by learning how to make this hellip.

What is greek salad dressing the traditional greek salad dressing has a few key ingredients quality olive oil lemon juice red wine vinegar and garlic dried oregano is also used as this is the traditional herb the greeks sprinkle over slabs of fresh feta when your order a horiatiki salata traditional greek salad in the plaka.

Our fifth christmas countdown recipe ndash potato salad everyone has a favourite potato salad recipe this is sweet greek rsquo s potato salad in which i rsquo ve incorporated some traditional greek ingredients to add flavour and colour manouri cheese is available from good greek delis ingredients 10 ndash 12 medium desiree potatoes 250g manouri cheese.