For the frosting on these vegan red velvet cupcakes i used coconut yogurt because it rsquo s easy healthy and has that slight tang reminiscent of cream cheese frosting if you want it sweeter then you could whisk in some powdered sugar and a little bit of non dairy milk if you want it lighter then you could use coconut whipped cream.

Ingredients for cream cheese frosting for red velvet cream cheese is the most common frosting you see these days for red velvet cake and cupcakes and that rsquo s what i rsquo m sharing today the creamy fluffy sweet frosting with the tang from cream cheese is a perfect match with the cupcakes cream cheese ndash must be block not the tub cream.

A classic red velvet cake recipe made with buttermilk and vinegar for that true red velvet cake flavor this red velvet cake recipe is what a real red velvet cake should taste like topped with cream cheese frosting i finally figured out why people love a real red velvet cake this cake is buttery soft and truly lives up to it rsquo s velvet description.

These sugar free pumpkin pie cupcakes are basically mini pumpkin pies without a crust and served with a luscious sugar free pumpkin cheesecake mousse as the frosting personally id rather have these in my house than a whole pumpkin pie because these are perfectly portioned and one is truly enough to satisfy.

Deliciously light fluffy red velvet cupcakes with a gorgeous cream cheese frosting a couple of weeks ago i posted my recipe for my red velvet cake and it was a massive success ndash it rsquo s one that you were all waiting for for a very long time i had however had many requests for a cupcake version so here it is.

Moist and chewy red velvet brownies topped with a rich cream cheese frosting this delicious dessert is easy to make packed with flavor and has a beautiful vibrant red color brownies are everything i love in a dessert moist fudgy rich and loaded with chocolate flavor.

For today rsquo s cream cheese frosting you only need a few simple ingredients butter cream cheese vanilla extract salt powdered sugar and maybe a little whipping cream make sure you use full fat brick cream cheese instead of lite cream cheese or spreadable both of those kinds of cream cheese are too thin for making frosting with.

Gluten free ndash although i haven rsquo t tested it i believe this cake would do well with gluten free flour sub the flour with a good quality gluten free baking flour i like bob rsquo s red mill 1 to 1 gluten free baking flour i also suggest weighing the flour rather than measuring by cups to ensure accuracy.

Mix together cream cheese butter icing sugar and 1 or 2 teaspoons vanilla spread frosting on top of each cake layer them then cover the top with the remaining cream cheese icing scatter over chopped nuts.

This gluten free carrot cake is easy to make in just one bowl and is topped with a classic cream cheese frosting the trick is to use a cup for cup gluten free baking flour and to pile on other tastes and textures that make carrot cake such an awesome dessert.

A moist classic red velvet cake made from scratch and surprisingly easy when a few specific simple steps are followed this iconic cake has a soft ldquo velvet rdquo texture just like what you get from the best top end fine bakeries and is topped with soft cream cheese frosting.

The ldquo red rdquo makes sense but what about the ldquo velvet rdquo in red velvet cake rsquo s iconic name food historians say it was a common description during the victorian era when the term described cakes that had an especially soft and ldquo velvety rdquo crumb from the color to the crumb this homemade red velvet cake is a dessert classic if you prefer cupcakes over cakes our classic hellip.

Make the frosting in a large bowl using a hand held or stand mixer fitted with a paddle or whisk attachment beat the cream cheese for 1 minute on high speed until completely smooth and creamy beat in the butter until combined.

More about this recipe you can count the number of ingredients you need to make these red velvet cake mix cookies on one hand and they only take 25 minutes to prep which means you can make a festive and chocolatey red velvet cookie even when you rsquo re short for time the ease of making cookies from cake mix can rsquo t be beat.

This homemade red velvet cake is soft and moist with an irresistible cream cheese frosting this is the most requested cake recipe on our site this post may contain affiliate links read my disclosure policy we love making cakes for special occasions and red velvet is a classic choice for valentine rsquo s day birthdays thanksgiving and christmas.

True southerners know red velvet cake goes perfectly with a crisp white boiled frosting but the rest of us have come around to cream cheese frosting with these vivid cheerful cupcakes the original red velvet cake recipe used beet juice for that signature color but most bakers prefer red food coloring these days.

Whisk the flour cocoa powder baking soda and salt together in a large bowl set aside using a handheld or stand mixer with a paddle attachment beat the butter on high speed until creamy about 1 minute.

Flour blend notes the first time i baked these double chocolate chip cookies i followed the recipe to the letter using cybele rsquo s basic gluten free flour blend however the second time i used king arthur baking blend since i had it on hand the blend already contains xanthan gum so i omitted the xanthan gum in the recipe.

The sour cream in the recipe not only adds a moist texture and tender crumb but also makes it stable enough to withstand the weight of fondant or a thick coat of tangy cream cheese frosting yum cream cheese frosting just as with carrot cake hummingbird cake italian cream cake red velvet cake is one of those good old fashioned southern.

Just used your cream cheese frosting on gluten free chocolate cupcakes i took the easy way out and used a betty crocker gluten free cake mix what a great combination both the cupcakes and the frosting were super easy to make i loved the fact that the frosting had just the sweetness i like.