German red cabbage or in german ldquo rotkohl rdquo some say also ldquo blaukraut rdquo is a great side dish it goes very well with german beef rouladen and mashed potatoes which is a very traditional combination you can find german red cabbage on every festive menu in every good restaurant and inn that serve home made dishes.

Combine tapioca milk and salt in 1 1 2 quart pan on medium high heat stir while bringing to a bare simmer lower the heat and cook uncovered at the lowest possible heat adding sugar gradually until the tapioca pearls have plumped up and thickened.

German semolina pudding is a traditional sweet treat known as griessbrei enjoy it for dessert or whenever you need a refreshing bite to eat all you rsquo ll need is milk vanilla sugar and semolina bring all the ingredients except semolina to a boil add the semolina and simmer letting it thicken.

German semolina pudding griessbrei a cheaper version of rice pudding this dish is best served warm sweet and thick it usually has a porridge like consistency and tastes best with a dollop of something sweet such as jam or nutella.

This meal is a traditional german pudding which uses semolina as the base ingredient the semolina is cooked in milk and sugar flavoring ingredients are often added too like cinnamon and perhaps vanilla fruit may be added hellip.

Wurstsalat swiss german sausage salad easy semolina pudding about hi were eric and lisa a canadian with hungarian roots and a german recipes from europe is about celebrating food family and culture this site is about sharing recipes for the dishes that we grew up with ndash and also some new ones.

Nevertheless as my rice pudding craving has shifted from a delicious random thing i had for dessert last week mdash when our apartment was so cold only stuffed cabbage pirogis and comfort desserts from veselka would warm me mdash into the kind of overdrive that demands i have it for breakfast but i didn rsquo t like i told you already and dessert all day every day it hellip.

This viet cajun seafood boil is a delicious marriage of the flavors of the gulf coast and traditional vietnamese ingredients viet cajun seafood boils are based on louisiana crawfish boils with added traditional vietnamese flavors including lemon grass fish sauce and lots and lots of garlic it.