Mar 09, 2021 · 20 Best New Breakfast Recipes of 2021 It was a big year for breakfast! The most important meal of the day got even more innovative in 2021. Convenience worked its way into a lot of our new breakfast recipes, especially with air fryer breakfast recipes. Dec 15, 2021 · The best Bundt cake recipes are the ones you can pull together in a snap. When you can’t be bothered to assemble a layer cake (scary! stressful!), put your faith in … Sep 21, 2021 · Often the easiest desserts—simple, no-fuss recipes—are the biggest crowd-pleasers. With so many varieties of cake—pound cake, angel food cake, sheet cake, bundt cake, just to name a few—and so many different recipes, you could easily make a new cake every day of the year and still not exhaust the possibilities. To help navigate the wonderful world of cake … The classic bundt pan is a 12-cup pan, Martha's new Kugelhopf bundt pan is a 10-cup pan, and this recipe calls for a 14-cup bundt pan. This could cause a lot of confusion on baking times. What did Martha do with the leftover batter when she made her bundt cake? She must have had 40% more batter than she needed for that pan if she followed the ... Aug 30, 2021 · We've wandered through our orchard of apple cake recipes and hand-picked the top 10 that Allrecipes home cooks have clicked on, baked ip, and reviewed the most. Scroll through to discover our very best apple-packed Bundt cakes, coffee cakes, cheesecakes, and more that apple-lovers absolutely love.